How to get the review every time, with 2020 Agent of the Year Josh Tesolin


Written by Mark Armstrong, CEO and Co-founder of RateMyAgent



Agents work tirelessly to provide the best service and close one of the most stressful and life-changing deals for their clients but when it comes to requesting reviews, how do they close and convert their client reviews requests into their most valuable marketing assets – their verified reviews?


Last week, I asked our Trusted Agent of the Year Josh Tesolin for his top tips on how to effectively receive client reviews and how to make the process of requesting and receiving reviews for his clients simple and stress-free.


If you missed the Espresso Series session with Josh last week – scroll down to watch the replay and find out why being recognised as a Trusted Agent is so important, address the most common concerns that consumers have when searching for an agent, and how you can position yourself to win their trust, and ultimately their business.

Want to get the review every time? Here’s some practical and easy tips from Josh Tesolin.


Top tips on how to get the review every time


  1. Set it up in the listings presentation and ask the question to your vendor before you even get the listing “If I was going to get you a great result, would you write me a review?”
  2. Advise the vendor that the review request is a quick and easy process, for example, “Can you please spare a few minutes to write me a review of your experience on your mobile or laptop?”
  3. Ensure you send the review request once the sale goes unconditional, “as soon as the sold sticker goes up.”
  4. Communicate with your clients that they will receive requests via email and text message, for example, “Hey Mark, I’m just going to follow up and send you that review which we spoke about prior to selling your house. Here’s the link, I’ve also put in your email and mobile so you might receive it on probably 3 platforms.”
  5. Follow them up if you don’t get a response, for example, “Hey guys, it really means a lot, I’d love to share your story with others.” (you can also automate request reminders through RateMyAgent).
  6. Communicate with your vendors that you would love to share their story with your prospects.
  7. Don’t be afraid of negative feedback, see it as constructive criticism (things you can learn from and improve on) and consumers are always looking for raw and authentic feedback.


To add to Josh’s last point, agents should embrace all reviews and not be afraid of negative reviews as consumers will appreciate transparency. In the case of receiving a negative review, respond professionally and providing the bigger picture will only enhance your credibility and build trust.


We’ve all heard the feedback from vendors – “you can pick and choose who writes your review, are you really getting reviews from everyone? Are you holding back from some clients that might not have something positive to say?


Requesting a vendor review for all of your sales gives you the strongest response to those questions, and the Trusted Agent badge visualises that on your RateMyAgent profile for all consumers to see.


We’ve also got a few more helpful tips up our sleeve and you can view them in our blog ‘How to get more reviews and why it matters.’





Espresso Series

The Espresso Series are short 15-minute educational sessions to help you learn practical skills so you can thrive in a changing environment.


Fortnightly on Wednesday’s, Mark Armstrong, RateMyAgent CEO & Co-founder will host and deliver these webinar sessions in addition to Subject Matter Experts from our business and industry leaders.


**Espresso Series is no longer running. All recordings are available here.**



















7 May 2019
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