2022 Mortgage Broker of the Year Winners

Here are the best Mortgage Brokers in Australia – judged by verified consumers


See the 2022 winning mortgage brokers…

2022 Mortgage Broker of the Year – Australia

2022 Top 20 Mortgage Brokers in Australia

2022 Mortgage Broker of the Year – State

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The RateMyAgent Agent of the Year Awards are the largest real estate awards in Australia, comparing over 36,000 agents, agencies and mortgage brokers across the country. They highlight the leading mortgage brokers in each state across Australia, as well as on a national level.


The awards, which are in their eighth year for agents and agencies and in their second year for mortgage brokers, are the only major customer choice awards for the real estate industry in Australia. Rather than being judged by industry peers, the awards are calculated based on the verified reviews that customers provide on the RateMyAgent website.


These awards are the only industry awards to put clients’ needs first, and exist to help consumers identify benchmarks in their local area. 


Let’s now introduce the top 20 mortgage brokers in Australia, and the top 5 in each state and territory.



2022 Mortgage Broker of the Year


Graeme Holm

Graeme Holm



The Top 20 Mortgage Brokers of the Year Award winners are…


1. Graeme Holm

2. Suvidh Arora – Cinch Loans

3. Parag Dixit

4. Xavier Quenon

5. Nathan Smith

6. Kris Menon

7. Matt Carr

8. Peter Gomm

9. Zain Peart

10. Thaer Burbar – Greenline Home Loans

11. Scott Beattie

12. Joshua Geurts

13. Irfan Kureshi

14. Nigel Ferreira

15. Albi Homann

16. Natalie Denyer

17. Geoff Lai

18. Bishnu Hamal

19. Patrick Cranshaw

20. Renee Garsia


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Here’s the winners for each state:

Australian Capital Territory

1. Abraham Tang

2. Johnny Dastidar

3. David Coates

4. Robert Mercieca

5. Rachael Hunter


New South Wales

1. Nathan Smith

2. Parag Dixit

3. Kris Menon

4. Zain Peart

5. Irfan Kureshi


Northern Territory

1. Katrina Parrington

2. Kerry McKenzie

3. Emma Delahay



1. Matt Carr

2. Graeme Holm

3. Xavier Quenon

4. Scott Beattie

5. Albi Homann


South Australia

1. Lee Banh

2. Bipin Joshi

3. Daniel Renella

4. Marc Beltman

5. Dustin McMahon



1. Kate Wagner

2. Belinda Buchanan

3. Helen Gray

4. Andrew Downton

5. Angela Donovan



1. Suvidh Arora – Cinch Loans

2. Nigel Ferreira

3. Richard Nyko

4. Damien Roylance

5. Tracey Pye


Western Australia

1. Peter Gomm

2. Nikki Nguyen

3. Diana McKenzie

4. Fiona Conley

5. Laszlo Szollosi


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Other winners categories:

2022 Agent of the Year Winners – National awards

2022 Agent of the Year Awards – New Zealand Winners

Introducing: The 2022 Agent of the Year Award winners

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